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12 hilfreiche Themen fr die Bachelorarbeit in Informatik
project at the intersection of Physics, Biology, and Computer Science. Conduct a user study on this prototype to evaluate its success based on pre-defined measures. Suggested Reading: Yamaha Artificial Intelligence (AI) Transforms a Dancer into a Pianist Mateas,. How can familiar concepts such as punch cards or origami help to design intelligible interaction metaphors, that create commitment to the actions we as users perform with technology? However, a persistent problem is the expressive and novel nature of the interaction: users may feel uncomfortable gesturing in places wherein they receive unwanted attention. In particular, the aim is to investigate gestures that are carried out by holding the arm against the body, instead of reaching out with the arm.

During such group meetings, where the environment is essentially a multi user environment involving interaction between participants, it is important that each participant can be completely immersed in the environment and for that, interaction and visualization techniques need to be developed. In this thesis a design exploration should be performed that focusses on materials like paper which affordances lead to actions such as tearing, crumpling, folding, punching holes, etc. VR environments or objects currently dont include such traces of use and it is unclear how to represent traces of use in a virtual environment. Details MT Beat Rossmy Irreversible Actions as a Design Strategy User interfaces facilitate interaction with digital content. A 3D model designer initially starts with a high-quality model and then simplify its faces using modern 3D software, such as Blender, Maya and etc. The project is initially offered as an Einzelpraktikum for Master students (Media Informatics, MCI) for one or two semesters (6/12 ects, respectively). Ralf Rckert (2014 Grostrungen im Bahnverkehr: Erkennung, Ausbreitung und Vorhersage (Betreuer: Ivo Hedtke und Matthias Mller-Hannemann). Hoppe,., DeRose,., Duchamp,., McDonald,., Stuetzle,.

Wearable Ubiquitous Technol., 4(1 119. A first design prototype and insights from user interviews exist to get you started. Showing on-screen cues to guide each user in a different way. Send your application with a transcript of records, examples of your designed models or programming projects (GitHub page is ideal) via email to Changkun. Multitoe: high-precision interaction with back-projected floors based on high-resolution multi-touch input. Martin Knoth (2009 Integration von Versptungsmeldungen im zeitabhngigen Graphenmodell fr Fahrplanausknfte im Bahnverkehr (Betreuer: Matthias Mller-Hannemann). Please contact me when you are interested in the project and will give you more details. The aim of the thesis is to explore the interaction and visualization techniques for social gatherings. Requirements: Experience in either VR programming, C# or 3D modeling.

Independent scientific working and creativeness, experience with user-centered design processes, interest in touch surfaces and novel interaction techniques. Ebenso sind eigene Themenvorschlge willkommen. LaTeX-Vorlage zusammen mit einigen Erklrungen und Hinweisen zur Verfgung. User research: Adequately inform the design choices by assessing and considering needs and preferences of a variety of target user groups. The aim of this project is to investigate new approaches to gestural interaction that could make the interaction less visible and less tiresome. Parallelisierung geowissenschaftlicher Anwendungen in heterogenen Umgebungen mit OpenCL.

Suggested Reading: Zimmerman, John, Jodi Forlizzi, and Shelley Evenson. Write all down in a thesis. Suggested Reading: Details MT Jingyi Li Investigating Haptic Feedback for VR Interaction in the Confined Rear Seat How to utilize the rear seat's limited physical space to support haptic feedback in-car HMD usage for non-driving-related tasks? Tasks Build on the two previous projects to implement and evaluate GravitySpot.0. How can we communicate with digital musicians, how can they communicate with humans? Typically, gesturing follows the pointing metaphor, wherein one or both arms are extended to point towards the device,.g., a display.

Integration zweier Softwarekomponenten im Versptungsmanagement (Verknpfung von Visualisierung und einem Optimierungstool). Matthias Mller-Hannemann, telefon:, telefax. Experimentelle Analyse des tageszeitabhngigen Durchmessers im Flugverkehr (Betreuer: Annabell Berger und Matthias Mller-Hannemann). Florian Alt, Ville Mkel Social Gatherings in Virtual Reality Problem Statement Virtual Reality is gaining more and more importance in our daily lives as we allow ourselves to be immersed in a simulated environment. 12th International Conference on Automotive User Interfaces and Interactive Vehicular Applications, 9295. In Proceedings of the 20th annual conference on Computer graphics and interactive techniques - siggraph'93 (Vol. But what would interfaces and the corresponding interactions look like if irreversible actions were central components of interaction design? The aim of this project is to investigate ways to visualize and inform the user of the extent of their scrolling, and to encourage behavior change. Calm Commute: Guided Slow Breathing for Daily Stress Management in Drivers. The aim of this project is to investigate whether enabling VR users to switch between their own and another user's viewport can enhance certain collaborative scenarios, how this affects the user experience, and what potential opportunities and challenges arise from viewport switching.

Tasks Designing and implementing the overall logic for on-body gestures Implementing a prototype public display application Designing and conducting a user study Requirements Interest in novel interaction techniques Interest in conducting user studies Good programming skills Details BT/MT Ville Mkel Virtual. Background in human-computer interaction, information visualization, and/or user interface design. Interest in Design and UX Design. Eine Auswahl von abgeschlossenen Masterarbeiten, martin Knoth (2011  Vergleich und Analyse von Robustheitsmaen und zugehrigen effizienten Algorithmen fr Fahrplanausknfte (Betreuer: Matthias Mller-Hannemann). Sascha Hee (2013 Robuste Fahrplanauskunft im Bahnverkehr: Konzepte, Berechnungsverfahren und Evaluation (Betreuer: Matthias Mller-Hannemann). Basic knowledge of user research. Prototyping: Create suitable prototypes for the user-centered design process and for presenting the developed designs to various stakeholders. For example, in case of a display with which users can interact via mid-air gestures, a perfect position to guide users to could be 2-3 meters away from the display, but in case of interaction via eye gaze.

Untersuchung von Mglichkeiten zur vereinfachten Implementierung parallelisierter Graphenalgorithmen auf modernen Multicore-Systemen. The first makes it hard for us to detach - from work just this one email, then I'm done for today pressure from friends and family why didn't you answer my message within 5 minutes? Details Daniel Buschek, Emanuel von Zezschwitz Einzelpraktikum Effizienzanalyse Mobiler Authentifizierung Effizienz ist ein wichtiger Faktor der Usabilityforschung. Effiziente Implementierung paralleler Algorithmen auf Graphikprozessoren mit cuda. Org/10.1121 2 Wiegand,., Mai,., Hollnder,., Hussmann,. In this thesis, we want to explore ways to integrate traces of a user experience in VR and the effect thereof. References 1 Milgram,., Takemura,., Utsumi,., Kishino,.

Visual feedback in performer-machine interaction for musical improvisation. Additionally, prolonged gesturing can lead to fatigue. Hence, they are signs of prior experiences. Dafur wird einKonzept entwickelt, um Stress bei Einsatzkrften der Feuerwehr zu berwachen und managen. The availability of these devices offers novel opportunities for user authentication, as well as raises privacy concerns and potential novel security attacks. Mohamed Khamis GravitySpot.0: Guiding Multiple Users in Front of Public Displays Using On-Screen Visual Cues Description In this project, the student will extend a previous project called GravitySpot ( link ; video ; talk ). A successful project can result in a submission to a renowned international conference/journal.

Martin Lemnian (2013 Verbesserung der Anschlussdisposition im Bahnverkehr auf Basis von realistischen Passagierstromen (Betreuer: Ivo Hedtke und Matthias Mller-Hannemann). Von-Seckendorff-Platz 1 06120 Halle (Saale email: eller-hannemann, aT, sprechstunde: nach Vereinbarung, weiteres. In the near future Artificial Intelligences will become evenly equal partners in music making scenarios. . Themenvorschlge fr Bachelorarbeiten, experimentelle Analyse von Krzeste-Wege-Algorithmen fr verschiedenen Netzwerkklassen (beispielsweise Netzwerke mit gegebener Knotengradverteilung und reale Netzwerke). Details PT Sarah Theres Vlkel The PhoneStudy Research App Description Developing an Android app for predicting personality traits via smartphone usage In the PhoneStudy project, an interdisciplinary team consisting of psychologists, statisticians, and computer scientists develop an Android app. Benjamin Panzer (2009 Verbindungssicherung und alternative Verbindungsempfehlung im verspteten Bahnverkehr (Betreuer: Matthias Mller-Hannemann).

In diesem Einzelpraktikum soll der Einfluss der verschiedenen Authentifizierungsphasen auf die Effizienz untersucht werden. You will be working as part of a team of researchers and students from these domains. Login fr Redakteure bersicht, die Arbeitsgruppe Datenstrukturen und effiziente Algorithmen bietet jederzeit eine Vielzahl an Themen fr mgliche Bachelor- und Masterarbeiten. Org/10.1007/ _35 4Augsten,., Kaefer,., Meusel,., Fetzer,., Kanitz,., Stoff,., Becker,., Holz,., Baudisch,. For example, we track the number of users calls, sms, and app usage, which might predict how extraverted the user. Markus Pckelmann (2010 Ist die Welt kleiner geworden?

However, we quickly realized that a prerequisite is to first make sure the user knows which on-screen cue they should follow. Initial Reading List Marks,., Ruml,., Ryall,., Seims,., Shieber,., Andalman,., Pfister,. Haptic design of vehicle interiors at audi. Tasks: Development of interaction concepts for the handling of AI/generative systems in a musical context. The kinds of situations GravitySpot.0 should cover. Review of previous work on interaction with public displays is necessary. Im Allgemeinen beschreibt die Effizienz eines Systems den Aufwand, welchen ein Nutzer erbringen muss, um eine bestimmte Aufgabe zu erfllen. Ralf Rckert (2010 Plagiatssuche mit bioinformatischen Methoden (Betreuer: Matthias Mller-Hannemann). Independent thinking and creative problem solving. Tasks You should: Conduct extensive literature review regarding 3D modeling, human preferences, mesh simplification, and other related fields Be able to understand the fundamental ideas of existing mesh simplification functions in industrial software Design appropriate user studies and corresponding evaluation strategies.

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